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My name is Katrina (though friends call me "Haru"/XaioLoon) and this is my artblog. I'll be mainly posting up artwork, doodles/sketches, photography (cosplay and non-cosplay), & WIPs here. I will also post music-related things since I do play a few instruments, mainly accordion and piano.
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I’ve gotten requests here and there from a few family members and friends over the years to do a revised version of one of my old drawings I did way back in 2005. So here it is.

I’m pretty happy with how the sketch turned out. I’m planning to do the line art and coloring for the revised version via Photoshop. It’ll take a while, but hopefully it’ll turn out well!

Left: 2005, Right: 2014

Here’s part 2 of the head shots I drew earlier. I drew Brent & Eric from Dead Workers Party. I also added in Matt & Phile from FyreUK. :D

I’ve mainly drawn Xephos, Honeydew, and Lomadia (with a little bit of Sjin and Ridge). However I felt like trying to draw some of the other Yogscast members.

This is mainly a reference for myself so I have an idea on how to draw them in the future. I’ll also add in Dead Workers Party later in another post since I realized I forgot to draw them. D:

Welcome to the Friendship Circle, where aliens attack you with group hugs.

I drew this when Simple Simon Ep. 9 with Ali A was uploaded on polarisgo.com, and I found the point system for that episode pretty interesting. So here’s Honeydew with 16 Colly Birds, 10 Golden rings, 3 French Hens (Faverolle hens), and 2 Turtle Doves.

I haven’t drawn a holiday picture in a long time, but I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas! :D

Here’s two sketches/drawings I’ve done during breaks I have in class.


I know it’s past Halloween, but I thought it would be interesting if the Eater of Souls came to life asking Lewis for souls to eat.

The second doodle has the Xephos and Honeydew as cats based on the designs I did for Yogscast!Mitchiri cats.

Here’s a wip I’m doing. I wanted to draw dragons again, so I decided to draw the two-headed dragon, Thunder Flame & Bubble, from Polaris’s “Broken Quest” series. I put Xephos & Honeydew on there because I thought it would be fun to have them ride the dragons’s heads that Lewis and Simon voiced in the Broken Quest series.

Btw I’m probably going to be inactive a bit more since I started grad school this week. So I’m just giving you guys a heads up just in case if I do seem like I disappeared off of the face of the earth.

Here’s a fanart of Hannah and the baby badgers for the Badgeroff! :D

Since my friend Kiya tagged me in this blog, I’ll post it here. Also it’s an interesting way for my followers to get to know me better. :D;;;


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Questions I got: 

1)Favourite colour(s)? 
I mainly like the color blue, especially Cerulean Blue.

2)Favourite thing about your best friend? 
That they will help you out whenever you’re in trouble.

3)Favourite food(s)? 
Noodles. Give me a good bowl of noodles and I’m happy as a clam. lol

4)Ever broken a bone? What and how? 
I’ve never broken a bone. Though I’ve torn an ACL and meniscus in my knee freshman year of high school.

5)What made you join tumblr? 
Mere curiosity. I wanted to see what was so great about it, and why my friends really liked it.

6)Any siblings?
I don’t have any siblings.

7)Name a few facts about yourself
I don’t like pizza or cake. Yeah, surprising to hear that from a person right? I’m just sick of eating those two things. I had to eat a lot of cake as a kid since my friends’ birthdays were really close to each other back in elementary/jr. high school. I don’t like pizza because in high school, I had choir rehearsal after school and all of my choir mates every week would order nothing but pizza. The kind of pizza they would order was the kind where you lift the slice and grease would drip onto the napkin. Yeah, after three years of eating pizza every week I don’t think I’ll eat that stuff for a while. :|

Even though I love playing the accordion, I hate playing polkas. That is usually the first thing people ask me all the time because that’s all they think accordion players can play.

Before I became a psychology major in college, I originally planned in high school to be a marine biologist major since I love the fish and creatures that live in the ocean. :D

8)Any weird phobias?

I have a mild case of Anthophobia (aka: fear of flowers). I don’t like touching them (whether it’s real or the silk kind) and I can sort of get near them. I’m fine with taking photos of them or even looking at them behind a tv/computer screen. However I won’t touch them. If I do, I mildly freak out. 

9)Do you think you could be vegetarian?

10)What would you like to be better at?
Drawing. Tbh I feel my art style is always average/middle of the road. Also I would like to be a better player at LoL. I sort of suck whenever I played and felt like a dead weight for my cousins/friends when I played with them. 8|;;

11) What do you like best about your personality?

I’m kind and caring. I am not afraid to help my friends out whenever they come to me for help.

12) If you were to have obtain $5000, what would you do with it?

I would most likely save it and put it in a bank or something like that. I’m not really the type to go out and waste money willy nilly.

13) Top 3 Favorite games?

Currently it’s right now (in no particular order): 1) The Last of Us, 2) Dynasty Warriors 8, 3) Animal Cossing: New Leaf

14) What was the last book you read?

"The Psychopath Test" by Jon Ronson

15) What is your most memorable toy or item from childhood?

A stuffed TY Pillow Pal killer whale that I called “Tide”.

16) favorite animals?

Oh geez. There’s a lot. lol I do like horses, capybaras, okapis, and binturongs.

17) Any meaningful events that have left a big impression in the last year?

Last year? I guess finishing up the Fall Semester of my undergrad of college. It made me realize that I was graduating, going to grad school in a different state, and leaving all of my friends who are still trying to finish their undergrad or decided to stay in California.

18) Do you have any pets?

No pets currently. My mom is allergic to any animals with fur. I used to own a tank full of tropical fish when I was a kid.

19) Any hobbies?

Drawing, photography, cosplay, and video games

20) If you could change 1 thing about yourself, what would it be?

Inability to easily make new friends. I’m sort of a wallflower and awkward when it comes to making new friends (whether it’s in person and on the internet).

My questions for those I tag:

1) Any favorite movies?

2) Favorite book series?

3) Last video game you played?

Just posting this up to show people that I am continuing the animation I did earlier. So here’s a Duncan cat walk cycle that I did.